Jay Turner, Drums

Jay currently resides in southern Sarasota County but is a transplant from New Jersey. We only mention this point as it might make it easier for the authorities from New Jersey to locate him.

The Bedlam Band

Cary Ausderan, Bassist

Mike Ryan, Guitar

Booking agent, band manager, sound man, chief cook and bottle washer. I'm the 2nd guitar player and a singer with the band. There's no good excuse for me other than that I used to snack on lead based paint chips as a kid...delicious.

40 plus years of playing bass, knocking pictures off of the walls, lead Cary to many Indiana night clubs...(ok bars) some he is still trying to forget! Welcome to Florida were a singing bass player can always survive on his day job delivering pizza.

 A Florida-based, Rock Music Cover Band.  Check Us Out at Venue Near You or via eMail at TheBedlamBand@gmail.com

Dave Kish, Lead Guitar

A talented and versatile musician, he's also quite the comedian.  Dave is a Jersey boy. Now residing in Florida he longs for the days of ice covered streets. Rumor has it he is a former president of The Hair Club For Men, though we cannot substantiate it.